Moldable metal on a roll for flashing

LeadaxViking is a multi usable armored flashing material with a look of metal. It is malleable, that is, it can be plastically deformed, and large deformations up to 40% are possible. Leadax can be installed in many different flashing and plugging applications.

Strength meets versatility

Below you will find an overview of the known applications. However, we definately would like to challenge you to think ‘out-of-the-box’ for other applications.

Applications of LeadaxViking

  • 1Cover flashing
  • 2Chimney flashing
  • 3Pipe flashing
  • 4Valley flashing
  • 5Step flashing
  • 6Counter flashing
  • 7Front-wall flashing
  • 8Ridge of (tiled) roofs
  • 9Intersection of two walls

Such as:

  1. Cap flashing ply in a 2-ply assembly with a modified base sheet
  2. Flashing material for pipe penetrations, support beams, curbs and walls
  3. Water barrier for cavity walls and beneath casings
  4. Connection between outside walls and extensions
  5. Liner for gutters
  6. Protection for ridges on sloped roofs
  7. Liner for valleys of shingle, tile and aluminum metal roofs
  8. Joint between dormers and skylights to side walls and tiled roofs

Videos & pictures

Below you will find some extra videos and pictures of processing Leadax.

Product information

Width rolls:

  • 9,84 inch
  • 19,69 inch
  • 39,37 inch

Length rolls

  • 19,69 feet rolls

Processing instructions

In the Leadax processing instructions you will find all necessary information and tips related to the processing of Leadax.

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